Money Advice at St Andrew's feedback on your experience of our advice and support

We understand how hard it is to live with debt and hope the advice and support we have offered you did two things:

  1. Helped you to choose and manage the debt solution which is right for you and your circumstances
  2. Helped relieve some of the burden and stress of living with and managing debt

If you are happy to do so – and it is entirely your choice - we would ask you to answer the questions below by clicking the ‘circles’ against each question. The final question gives you the opportunity to tells us anything more about your experience of our service.

This feedback will enable us to understand how well we are doing our job and where and how we can improve the service we offer.

Your answers will be stored securely, they will be confidential, and any report we produce including your answers will be entirely anonymous - not mentioning your name or any personal details.

1) As a result of the help I have received, I feel better about myself and more confident about the future:
2) As a result of the help and support I received I now feel less stressed/anxious about my financial situation:
3) I feel that the advice I received took into account my personal circumstances and needs:
4) As a result of the debt advice I received, I feel more confident in managing my finances going forward:
5) As a result of the help I have received I feel more in control of my finances:
6) I am happy with the support I received throughout the advice process:
7) Since receiving debt advice I am happy with the way my debts are being addressed:
8) My debt adviser/s kept me informed throughout about what was happening and give me sufficient information concerning my case:
9) If you could improve anything about the advice process you went through or if there was anything you think particularly helped, let us know below: